ProjectWitches Of The World, Unite

NSFW/SVILOVA is proud to present our spring mix with electroacoustic musician and composer Sonja Tofik. In this 40-minute witchy springtime mix, Sonja Tofik has put together a collage of songs that evokes emotions, darkness, and spirituality.

Witches Of The World Unite!

Sonja Tofik was up until recently a part of the studio collective Drömfakulteten, which was home to some of Stockholm’s most creative artists, including names such as Sissel Wincent, Maria w Horn and KABLAM. Now scattered to the wind after losing their studio space, its former members are still more active than ever with a persistent output of avant-garde music.

Sonja is one of those who was a member until the very end. Since her debut ’Neuros’ was released via Moloton in 2017, she has continually put out new music, including a collaborative LP with Mar-llena, ‘Vilar i dina spår’, an interpretation of Jaakko Pallasvuo’s dystopian text ‘Darkness of Winter’ released through Country Music, and a remix of KABLAM’s ‘Remembrance’ as a part of ‘Confusía Remixes’ earlier in 2020. Her solo debut LP ‘Anomi’ releases in the autumn of 2020 through Moloton.

Her work focuses on superimposed repetitive structures of analog and digital synthesis, organ drones, sampled textures, and voice, often presented with few simultaneous elements, which she uses in concoction with outbursts of raw emotion during performances. She is also pursuing a degree in social work, from which she draws inspiration through sociological models of human nature and concepts of spirituality, mysticism, and death in modern civilizations. She has performed her music live in a multitude of contexts, including festivals such as Intonal in Malmö (alongside William Basinski and Holly Herndon), Transformations at Under Bron (alongside Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Dungeon Acid), and Akusmata in Helsinki.