ProjectSilent Waltz

NSFW/SVILOVA is proud to present the online exhibition Cadencias necesarias /Necessary Cadences with artists Yanieb Fabre and Celestial Brizuela, curated by the independent Mexican art platform Islera, and with a text written by cultural project manager Kristell Henry.

In her text, Henry describes the dialogue between Fabre and Brizuela as two possible constructions of corporality and how these relate to our inner world. She says "Both artists summon magic in order to provoke a transformation that looks like a genesis: both magical acts start from a –probably intentional– state of solitude, which is at the same time sheltered and nurtured by its immediate environment."

Islera is an independent platform focused on artistic experimentation, cultural promotion and cooperation, founded in February 2020 in La Merced neighborhood (Mexico City).

The platform arises from the desire to detach from traditional and commercial contemporary art circuits. While seeking to integrate Islera into La Merced’s cultural territory with a socially responsible approach, the aim of the platform is to offer a space and visibility to young or emergent artistic practices, to link cultural agents from multiple disciplines and to promote the diversification of audiences through collaborations, meetings, and workshops accessible to everyone.

[Celestial Brizuela, "Silent Waltz", stop motion animation, 3,46 mins. (2019)]


Celestial Brizuela lives and works in Mexico City. She studied film at the Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires and her work explores the creation of worlds and the miniature, by using animation to bring things to life, she relate them poetically and place their future in that link: the moment in which they stop being what they were to be something else. Her practice encompasses stop motion animation, live animation, scale models, fine art and poetry.

Brizuela has received scholarships from the National Fund for the Arts (2015), the Center for Artistic Research (2013-2014) and support from the Patronage Law (2016, 2018, 2022) in Buenos Aires. She was artist-in-residence at VIC, Aveiro Arts House and Farria in Portugal (2019). As a visual artist her work has been exhibited at film festivals, cultural centers, museums and galleries in Argentina, Cuba, Portugal, Mexico, England and Spain, such as: "Clavo" Palacio Versalles, Mexico City (2020-2021); “Wake Up Life Festival”, Crato, Portugal (2019); “Post Cannais”, Aveiro, Portugal (2019); "Art with Me Festival", Tulum, Mexico (2019); “Moonbow Festival”, Tulum, Mexico (2019); "Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of Havana", Cuba (2016). As a poet, she has published his book "La intimidad de los pájaros", the fanzines "Inéditos" and "Habitar el Deseo", and issued publications in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, France and England, among them "Translated Modern Poetry" (London, England) (2017); “El Diario” (London, England) (2017); Retaguardia Mix Magazine (DF, México) (2017). Currently her latest book "Nadie cabe en su cuerpo" written in collaboration with her mother is in the editing process with the Nulu Bonsai publishing house.