ProjectFreena's Meditation Mix 2017 (Part I & II)

NSFW/SVILOVA is happy to present Freena's Meditation Mix 2017 (Part I & II) by DJ Pi69Y (USA). Please follow us on an auditory odyssey through “... the tale of Disney Innocence, medieval nostalgia, Christian fear-mongering and indoctrination of children, depression, Satanism, cults, the pain and suffering of having to work, willful ignorance, loneliness, the separation between Church and State, exorcisism and True Love.”

Don’t be afraid and spend the darkest day of the Spring listening to this mix with us...

"Where there's a whip, there's a way." DJ Pi69Y

DJ Pi69Y is the American tape jockey and skankhog also known as FL Pig. A hater of the world and lover of the Earth. “I only want to sit on a pile of trash on the train track. I do not want to write about my art. Gotta go I am listening to Eminem. Have a beautiful day.”