ProjectEvery Spore Like a Fall

Islera presents 'Every Spore Like a Fall,' a new solo exhibition by Mariana Paniagua (born 1994 in Mexico City) organized as part of their second collaboration with NSFW in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

With this collection of recent works, Mariana Paniagua challenges an established order rooted in the anthropocentric understanding of time and scale. She transcends both the patriarchal urge to meticulously observe and classify natural mechanisms for domestication and utilization, and the religious-spiritual positioning that venerates natural forces, which often contrasts human experience with the sacredness of nature. Instead, her work diminishes the prominence of the human voice, allowing the entrenched systems of classifying and ranking natural elements to dissolve. This shift fosters a diversity of multi-species entities, where rocks, fungi, lichens, celestial bodies, clouds, and lava rivers are equally acknowledged and valued. In her artistic universe, the minuscule is commanding, the boundary between the living and the non-living blurs, and light is no more sacred than the humid and the hidden.

*Islera is an independent platform that focuses on artistic experimentation, cultural promotion, and cooperation. It was founded in February 2020 in the La Merced neighborhood of Mexico City.

  • Opening: Wed–Fri 12–17, Saturday 12–15 hrs or by appointment.
  • Location: Vasa Kyrkogata 5, Gothenburg.
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  • Mariana Paniagua (MX,1994) explores the concept of landscape as a confluence of diverse forces, along with the various configurations these forces assume while interacting with a body situated within the world. Simultaneously, her work delves into the figurative elements that arise from painting processes. This exploration involves an accumulation of layers, both temporal and material, which sediment and ultimately merge to form an object.

    Previous exhibitions include ‘Yo pasé entre los dos colmillos’ (ISLERA, 2023), ‘Como renunciar a ser flor lo que es hierba’ (Nixxxon, 2022), ‘Una estrella es siempre una suerte de ruina’ (Interior 2.1, 2021), ‘Un vacío ceñido con las manos’ (Casa Equis, 2019), and ‘Una casa que dejé, una casa que me dejó’ (Galería Tu Mamá, 2018), among others.