ProjectHow To Become an Animal in 10 Steps

NSFW/SVILOVA is proud to present the online exhibition Cadencias necesarias /Necessary Cadences with artists Yanieb Fabre and Celestial Brizuela, curated by the independent Mexican art platform Islera, and with a text written by cultural project manager Kristell Henry.

In her text, Henry describes the dialogue between Fabre and Brizuela as two possible constructions of corporality and how these relate to our inner world. She says "Both artists summon magic in order to provoke a transformation that looks like a genesis: both magical acts start from a –probably intentional– state of solitude, which is at the same time sheltered and nurtured by its immediate environment."

Islera is an independent platform focused on artistic experimentation, cultural promotion and cooperation, founded in February 2020 in La Merced neighborhood (Mexico City).

The platform arises from the desire to detach from traditional and commercial contemporary art circuits. While seeking to integrate Islera into La Merced’s cultural territory with a socially responsible approach, the aim of the platform is to offer a space and visibility to young or emergent artistic practices, to link cultural agents from multiple disciplines and to promote the diversification of audiences through collaborations, meetings, and workshops accessible to everyone.

[Yanieb Fabre, "How To Become an Animal in 10 Steps", Super 8 film, 12.47mins (2018)].


Yanieb Fabre lives and works in Paris. Her work investigates moral paradoxes and certain disorders, incarnated in her works in a first-person narrative. Through her practice, she explores the rational and the irrational, addressing animality and desire through different disciplines such as drawing, film, photography, and body language.

She graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the U.A.E.M. in Mexico, and she is part of the first generation at SOMA educational program. She was part of the Bancomer Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil Program in 2019 and has been a fellow of the FONCA Young Creators program (2014-2015; 2016 -2017). She was a resident at the International City of Arts (Paris, 2014-2015) amd received an honorary award from Photo España-Festival Internacional Trasatlántica (2015).

Some of her more recent exhibitions are : "La Tizne", Casa del Lago, (Mexico City, 2022); "Ovni Festival", Villa Rivoli (Paris, 2021); "We are even if they forget us", Historical Center, Guatemala, (Mexico, 2021); "Thinking the line", Yam gallery, (Mexico, 2021); "Parasitage. Ruidos Negros", Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro (2021); and "Frénésie chromatique" at the Cultural Institute of Mexico (Paris, 2021).