ProjectDream Baby Dream

NSFW is delighted to present “Dream Baby Dream,” featuring works from Thea Olivares Widerström, Gloriya Talebi, and Alva Le Febvre.

The exhibition delves into the poetic and intertwined worlds of dreams, memory, and the weaving of personal narratives. Let’s take a break from reason, travel far away, and delve into fantasy... Come and dream with us!

  • Opening: Opening: Wed–Fri 13–17, Saturday 12–15 hrs or by appointment.
  • Location: Vasa Kyrkogata 5, Gothenburg.
  • -Thea Olivares Widerström (b. 2000) paints, builds, and collects objects she encounters in her everyday life. Items like her grandmother’s keys, old leather gloves, or a found toy are combined with her own figurines and motifs. Thea believes that all images and objects we come across carry power because someone, somewhere, has made the decision for them to exist. In her installations, viewers receive clues to a place that transcends the everyday, where the concrete and the imaginary merge. Thea lives and works in Stockholm and is studying fine arts at Konstfack.

    -Gloriya Talebi (b. 1999) is currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree program in Fine Art Photography at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg, Sweden. While her practice is rooted in lens-based techniques, she also integrates a diverse array of methods and elements into her work. Talebi explores various enigmatic facets of existence, symbols, and the relationship between memory and nostalgia, especially within intergenerational contexts.

    -Alva Le Febvre (b.1999) is based between Gothenburg and Copenhagen. She is currently studying the last months of her BFA in photography at HDK-Valand. In her work, she often explores femininity, hoarding, violence and childhood through photography and objects.

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