ProjectAn Odd Old Passageway

NSFW is proud to present “An Odd Old Passageway” by Sauli Sirviö! The exhibition is a collection of items: both found relics and objects manufactured by the artist. Curated by Ida Lehtonen, “An Odd Old Passageway” is the blueprint of a nostalgic past, utopias, and future plans merged together to create an anachronistic ensemble.


Ida Lehtonen is a Gothenburg-based artist working with photography, sculpture, and text. She is currently finishing her MFA at Aalto University in Finland. “Unearthing” is her new curatorial project focusing on collaborative, site-sensitive work.

  • Opening: Wed–Fri 13–17, Saturday 12–15 hrs or by appointment.
  • Location: Vasa Kyrkogata 5, Gothenburg.
  • Download exhibition text

    Sauli Sirviö's process and artworks reflect on themes he has explored over the years: the histories and dilapidated infrastructures of places, the intersection of analog and digital worlds, and the evanescence of information. The artist uses photography as the foundation for all of his artworks but has gradually shifted towards three-dimensional expression, creating installations and experimenting with found materials.

    In the past year, Sirviö has exhibited his artworks at the Utopias Photography Festival in Lahti, Finland, and at the Lappeenranta Art Museum in Finland. He is currently in residency at the Triangle Arts Association (NYC) and is working on a publication set to be released in 2024, alongside a duo exhibition with Latvia-based artist Evita Vasiljeva.